Rockin' Box 33

Live Music + Casa on 33rd + You = A Rockin’ Good Time!

About Your Host


Welcome to Rockin’ Box 33 from your enthusiastic and grateful host, Melissa Grimes.  Like you, I’m a fan of music live!  I love the connection between artist and audience.  I love the spontaneity of never knowing exactly what’s going to happen at any given performance.  I love the respect and appreciation that grows in us, as music lovers, when we’re allowed personal exchange with an artist.  And, through these house concerts, I love providing a place for musicians to come and be received in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

For more on what I do most days, which is best classified as interior architecture, I encourage you to visit our web site at  To say that I love my day job is understating the obvious to those who know me; it’s definitely a passion that, by serendipity, became a vocation. The rest of the time I read and research, write, listen with genuine interest, collect and dabble in art, drink wine with gusto, celebrate the everyday, amuse myself with the piano and guitar, travel, play with family and friends, volunteer as often as possible, and help raise teenage daughters who happen to have been born to other mothers … hoping to be fully present in all.

Thanks for joining me on this journey to bring music back to a simple format, and to a venue of the sort where much of it began in the first place.