Rockin' Box 33

Live Music + Casa on 33rd + You = A Rockin’ Good Time!

Andrew Holmes

Andrew Holmes specializes in lyrically poignant alternative music. His songs reflect a mix of meaning and melancholy, crafted with keen observation, and capturing moments worth remembering with lyrics you won’t forget. His melodies rise and fall to keep you on the edge of a feeling, always passionate and authentic. His crisp vocals and range are both warm and inviting, with a winsome vulnerability.

Holmes is a singer songwriter at heart, with his writing and delivery best classified as folk-rock/Americana. His first album, Seize the Day, was self-produced. He followed that in 2015 with Lionheart and 2017 with Through the Hollows.  This year’s fresh offering is Garden

With each record, Holmes writes songs to and for himself…something akin to his own personal time capsules…ever wishing to represent himself and who he was at a singular moment in time. “For me, Through the Hollows was about embracing life and doing things you regret so you can learn from them,” he says. “Garden has been three years of me coping with those decisions and learning to live above them.”